You return from work, and your home has been burned down by a fire.  

If it was an apartment that your rented, or a house that you purchased, the hard sinking feeling is the same.

To transfer the risk of the above, people buy insurance.  They assume that if the house burns down, or a pipe bursts, or a tree falls on the house, it’s covered.

I’m saddened to report, that it…. Depends.

Below are the two insurance companies we recommend:

Hippo is a fast new fun hip carrier that uses tech to determine risk, great for less complex risks.  Solid if you don’t trust your current home or auto carrier, since they’re always trying to get you to “bundle” for discounts. Hippo actually offers a discount if you have Auto Insurance, no matter the carrier (along with a few other discounts- ask us!)

Travelers is your classic, high end, and expensive, homeowners company.  Yes, expensive. Want the house covered? Pay for it.

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