It's the day before closing.  Over the last few weeks, or months maybe, your client's offer was accepted, contingencies satisfied, credit approved, down payment deposited into escrow.  All you need now is evidence of insurance.  And it's 430pm...  then, 4:46pm... 4:57pm... you've called and emailed the insurance broker, many times. "This has the wrong coverages."  "The EOI has the incorrect date."  "The EOI is unacceptable..." Everyone is looking to you, the fulcrum of the deal, to get this done in time for tomorrow's close.


You want to spend the bulk of your time building and nurturing our client relationships.  You don't want to spend your time chasing paper, being rushed and stressed.  


I want to help you through the insurance aspect of your business, smoothly.  From homeowners, commercial properties, flood and earthquake, I'll work directly with the loan officers, underwriters and title company to get the right coverage at a good rate.  


Call me, and all you'll need to do is serve your client at your pace.  Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast.