Do you know a great Office Administrator?

One of my clients is hiring, check them out!


The ideal candidate will be in charge of the organization and efficiency of daily office operations. From scheduling client meetings, to communicating between departments, you will be responsible for completing multi-level tasks in a professional and timely manner.

WCICYT for 7.15.19 THE IDES OF JULY (Nobody important was assassinated on this date... I think?)

Hey Connectors! How goes it?!? Here's our list of connections we made. Feel free to add your own!

  • Rugby Player to a sports dentist for a custom mouthguard

  • Investor to a New Restaurant Venture

  • Mortgage Broker to a BNI.com group (Ask me for more info on BNI.com)

  • Construction Manager to a Personal Lines Insurance Broker

  • A Mom and Pop Eatery to a Commercial Bank

  • Private Bank VP needed a Commercial Real Estate Broker

  • Set up a buddy's remodel project with MY Clients: An Electrician, a Painter and a Plumbing company!

Who Can I Connect You To?


Morning Connectors!

Morning Connectors!

A small break while the grandparents are here! Here's are this week's connections:

  • A local bank wanted office space at WeWork

  • Also at WeWork, got a good friend and former client an interview to work there!

  • A major food delivery company needed driver analytics for performance and safety measures

  • Investor was looking to get into REITs, so I connected her to 3 sources

Who Can I Connect You To?

WCICYT: Two GREAT Connectors!

HELLO Connectors!  This week in "Who Can I Connect You To?"

This week, I'll do my usual list of connections, and introduce to you 2 GREAT connectors who helped me here in Mill Valley.

My Realtor Beth Brody (beth.brody@compass.com onlyinmillvalley.com)


With her Lauren Bacall voice, Beth is a master networking on top her residential real estate expertise.  After we settled in, she immediately connected us to a cleaning service, a landscaper, a donation center (you discover a ton of things you do NOT need in a move!), and an introduction to the developer who renovated our home!   Beth continues to refer business to me, and I to her!  Can't wait to buy that income property....

I recently joined the Mill Valley Chamber of Commerce, millvalley.org  I met Jim Welte (jim@millvalley.org 415-388-9700) who not only featured ME in a Chamber newsletter but then went on to connect me to a local bni.com group, a printing company, and is helping me introduce HS kids to the trades!

If you're ever in Mill Valley, looks us up!

And, lastly, my connections made:

  • A business owner received a collections letter from the EDD.  I referred him to Bob Crane of fixyourtaxproblem.com

  • Two rugby teammates, from different teams I plated with, were at the same match.  I connected them via social media, and now they're on the same club!

  • A realtor that works with Beth needed a homeowner's quote in a tough area, so I sent his client to my go to, Bob Lanier at jsquareinsurance.com

Thanks for reading, and connect well my friends!