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Monday Morning Blues - Client finds office Broken Into

Walking into your office Monday morning, to a broken door, broken glass, tables over-turned, and laptops and computers stolen, SUCKS.

Getting a $17,000 check for the lost equipment, with office repairs approved and a contractor ready to go, in under a week, STANDARD.  [When the claim is done right...]

The Founder rolled in about 615am. The outer building door seemed fine, it had a keycard/keypad system. But the office door on the third floor was kicked in, being only a simple glass door.  Her panic hit quick, as she had a clear view of their open workspace.  Tables flipped, chairs piled in to a corner, as if to make it easier to dash off with kit.  Anything electronic was stolen, 2 PCs, massive monitors, the printer, laptops left in cubby holes, and even the espresso machine.  Hallway video showed a that the thief followed another building tenant entering on Saturday, thus bypassing the code/keycard need.  

I was called that morning, and got the pics and list put together for the claim that same morning.  The carrier turned the claim around fast, as we had all the documentation needed.

Yes, they took the espresso machine!  

Most people believe business insurance is for lawsuits, employee injuries, or car wrecks.  Those things happen, yes.  What most business owners are not paying for, is the small coverages like the one above (BPP, or business personal property) that can help alleviate a bad situation.

What would happen if you came in this Monday morning, and saw the same thing?

My guess:  You're paying for coverages you don't need, and NOT paying for coverages you absolutely must have.  A cup of coffee, and we can determine that fast.

See you in the Rucks,