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California Business Auto Rate Change

California Business Auto Rate Change

You have until July 26th to hold onto a decent rate for your business auto insurance.  I'm seeing 10-25% rate increases!  [Why?  Lyft, Uber, Instacart, Amazon, etc etc have INCREASED the number of vehicles on the roads.  With the "you can save XX% commercials, the insurance companies under priced and didn't anticipate the massive increase in traffic accidents.  Yes, that means you pay more....]

If you have a fleet, and think this is TOTALLY UNFAIR, contact us.  We have an driver analytics tools that could help you control you commercial auto insurance rates.

Monday Morning Blues - Client finds office Broken Into

Walking into your office Monday morning, to a broken door, broken glass, tables over-turned, and laptops and computers stolen, SUCKS.

Getting a $17,000 check for the lost equipment, with office repairs approved and a contractor ready to go, in under a week, STANDARD.  [When the claim is done right...]

The Founder rolled in about 615am. The outer building door seemed fine, it had a keycard/keypad system. But the office door on the third floor was kicked in, being only a simple glass door.  Her panic hit quick, as she had a clear view of their open workspace.  Tables flipped, chairs piled in to a corner, as if to make it easier to dash off with kit.  Anything electronic was stolen, 2 PCs, massive monitors, the printer, laptops left in cubby holes, and even the espresso machine.  Hallway video showed a that the thief followed another building tenant entering on Saturday, thus bypassing the code/keycard need.  

I was called that morning, and got the pics and list put together for the claim that same morning.  The carrier turned the claim around fast, as we had all the documentation needed.

Yes, they took the espresso machine!  

Most people believe business insurance is for lawsuits, employee injuries, or car wrecks.  Those things happen, yes.  What most business owners are not paying for, is the small coverages like the one above (BPP, or business personal property) that can help alleviate a bad situation.

What would happen if you came in this Monday morning, and saw the same thing?

My guess:  You're paying for coverages you don't need, and NOT paying for coverages you absolutely must have.  A cup of coffee, and we can determine that fast.

See you in the Rucks,



Last week, I connected

  • A retail business with a payments processor

  • Venture Capital Firm with a consultant to evaluate pitches

  • A Business Owner to a Bank Loan Officer

  • An Uber/Lyft Driver to a car dealer

  • A ScreenPrinter to a networking group

  • A book-keeper to a financial advisor

What my clients are looking for this week:

  • A commercial general contractor needs subs for a project in the East Bay

  • A residential re-modeler needs an architect

  • A retired client wants to buy an old utility van, to retrofit for Fishing

Can you help with the above?  

Or, Who Can I Connect You To?

Missing you all in the rucks,


Environmental Liability Coverage for Ongoing & Completed Operations

Environmental Liability Coverage for Ongoing & Completed Operations

If you think your contractors don’t need protection against environmental exposures, here’s a claim scenario that will make you think again!

Two years after the completion of a new high school, it was determined that the window system used during construction was allowing water to infiltrate the building. Mold was discovered. Faulty installation was part of the issue. The cost to remediate the problem was shared by the general contractor and the manufacturer of the windows. The sub-contractor who installed the windows was no longer in business. The general contractor did not have pollution coverage for mold and paid over $900,000.

Cascade Canyon's Kevin Sullivan Might Just Be the Most Interesting Insurance Guy in Mill Valley

"If I could make money playing rugby, I wouldn’t work," Cascade Canyon resident Kevin Sullivan says with a laugh. 

He's only half kidding.

But while rugby is a lifelong love (he teaches the game at San Quentin State Prison), Sullivan also readily admits that he owes the success of his Connor Alexander Sullivan Insurance Services – a crafty use of the first names of his two kids plus his last name – to the game he loves, at least in part. "I got started by helping a lot of my rugby mates, guys who are contractors, plumbers, electricians, tile guys, people who run restaurants," he says. 

"People who started their own business and think insurance is a four-letter word and wants it off their desk. I'm a business owner's insurance broker – the risk manager. I make sure your insurance works for you , protecting your business, your employees and your family when you need it most. Because an insurance policy that never pays out isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on."

A native of New Jersey, Sullivan moved to the Bay Area in 2004/ "I came out here kicking and screaming, but I loved it within six weeks. We have not yet been issued our official Mill Valley labrador retriever yet, though," he said.

While family, rugby and his insurance firm take up most of his time, he's also deeply interested in "getting young people into the trades," i.e., "when there’s 7 million high-skilled labor jobs just begging for a person to show up on time and work hard, it's a big deal. Teaching truckers to code is only said by people who don't know how to code."

PS: Big Announcement coming for March 15, and it ain't the Death of Caesar!

Drive for a living? We can get your wheels covered.

We have unique access to some of the best commercial vehicle rates in all California. No radius or unit count restrictions. New ventures welcome!

Does it have wheels? We want to see it.
Here are some sample types of vehicles we insure.


• Ag Haulers
• Car Carriers
• Caterers
• Cement Mixers
• Concrete Pumpers
• Contractors
• Couriers
• Custom Harvesters
• Dumping Operations
• Farm to Market
• Farmers
• Food Delivery
• Fuel Haulers
• Fuel Oil Haulers
• Grain Haulers
• House Movers
• Lawn & Tree Service
• Logging
•LPG, Butane & Propane Haulers
• Mobile Concessions
• Mobile Equipment
• Mobile Home Toters
• Moving Operations (no ICC filings)
• Pulpwood Haulers
• Salvage Haulers
• Specialized Delivery
• Snow Plows
• Tow Trucks
• Truckers Contingent Liability (Bobtail or Deadhead)
• Trucking
• Waste Oil Haulers
• Wholesalers & Manufacturers

Trucking Notes & Features
A broad cargo endorsement with multiple limits is available. A combined deductible is available. All risks with a principal garaging location in California falling into our Trucking for Hire class will be underwritten by a Berkshire Hathaway-owned agency, Pacific Gateway Insurance Agency.


• 4 Wheel Drive Tours
• Airport Shuttles
• Athlete Buses
• Bingo/Casino Transportation
• Charter Buses
• Church Buses
• Courtesy Autos
• Day Care Center Autos
• Dial-A-Ride
• Employee Transport
• Group Home Autos
• Head Start Program Autos
• Hotel Shuttles
• Kiddie Transport
• Limousines (All Types)
• Medical Courtesy Autos
• Metropolitan Buses
• Musician Buses
• Non-Emergency Medical Transportation
• Party Buses
• School Buses (Private or Public Owned)
• Senior Citizen Center Autos
• Sightseeing Buses
• Social Service Agencies
• Taxis
• Trolley Buses
• Visiting Nurses
• Wilderness Expeditions


• Bloodmobiles
• Driver Training Autos
• Emergency Ambulances
• Escort Vehicles for Oversized Trucking/Pilot Cars
• Fire Department Vehicles
• Funeral Vehicles
• Law Enforcement Vehicles
• Rental Operations
• Rescue Squads

Get in touch with Kevin for a quote if you drive any of the above!