California Business Auto Rate Change

California Business Auto Rate Change

You have until July 26th to hold onto a decent rate for your business auto insurance.  I'm seeing 10-25% rate increases!  [Why?  Lyft, Uber, Instacart, Amazon, etc etc have INCREASED the number of vehicles on the roads.  With the "you can save XX% commercials, the insurance companies under priced and didn't anticipate the massive increase in traffic accidents.  Yes, that means you pay more....]

If you have a fleet, and think this is TOTALLY UNFAIR, contact us.  We have an driver analytics tools that could help you control you commercial auto insurance rates.

Usage Based Insurance for Fleets

“Why do my auto rates keep going up, even though NONE of my employees got in any accidents last year?”

That’s because you’re paying for other companies bad drivers.  We want to change that, to make it more fair.

Here at were working with a carrier and a tech start-up to create a usage based insurance (UBI) program for livery, public auto, fleets, and trucking.  [we can currently write policies for any car based gig economy app]. Instead of the standard, high rate, low coverage commercial auto policy, the business owner will get weekly driver safety reports, comparisons across similar fleets, a monthly audited insurance bill based on mileage and safety, and identification of problem drivers.  

You’ve heard of BIG DATA.  We want to use Big Data as a loss CONTROL tool, making insurance an interactive part of your business, instead of a financial arrangement dictated by too many opaque rules.

A UBI insurance system is fair.  A few years back, a contractor’s employee was driving with his knees, while eating and texting.  Losing control of the van, he hit two parked cars to his right, crossed both lanes of traffic, and hit a third parked car across the street.  That third struck car, bumped the curb, and struck a pedestrian. $2,500,000 claim, BOOM. This accident nearly destroyed the contractor’s company, and he was forced to fire multiple employees, and shrink operations, to survive the financial hit.

For fun math’s sake:  If that contractor paid $25,000 per year for his commercial auto policy, only after a 100 years would the insurance company recover that loss.  This was a preventable accident, not some fluke. Insurance should cover the unpreventable, unforeseen event. Insurance should not be used to cover stupidity.  Especially, on the backs of good safe companies.

From whom did you think they actually got that money from?  Is that fair?

Putting the business owner in control of the company safety, in a proactive, behavioral and cultural manner, will not only save that business insurance costs, but also create efficiencies and lower maintenance costs.  Imagine the boost to the bottom line!

Check back here from time to time, as we’ll update you to our progress