California Business Auto Rate Change

You have until July 26th to hold onto a decent rate for your business auto insurance.  I'm seeing 10-25% rate increases!  [Why?  Lyft, Uber, Instacart, Amazon, etc etc have INCREASED the number of vehicles on the roads.  With the "you can save XX% commercials, the insurance companies under priced and didn't anticipate the massive increase in traffic accidents.  Yes, that means you pay more....]

If you have a fleet, and think this is TOTALLY UNFAIR, contact us.  We have a driver analytics tools that could help you control you commercial auto insurance rates.

New and Renewal Business effective 7/26/19

Mercury is now the 10th largest writer of Business Auto in California! 

Mercury remains committed to providing a stable Business Auto market to assist you with sustainable and profitable growth.  Based on analysis, we will be making a targeted rate adjustment to our Business Auto product. The change will impact policies differently depending on various risk characteristics, such as; coverages, and fleet status. 

As our business partners, we ask that you continue to take the time to thoroughly frontline underwrite each risk, ensuring the appropriate rating information is included. These rating factors include: prior insurance (supporting documentation required), business type, number of years in business, radius, number of stops/errands/job sites per day, garaging location, and listing all drivers.  Your knowledge and focus to include accurate rating information on each risk makes all the difference in our shared results.

We will allow a 14-day window to submit any existing quotes with an effective date prior to July 26th, that have been entered into our system prior to that date. Any quote where the effective date is changed within the AgentCenter system to July 26, 2019 or later will not have the ability to convert back to the previous rate level.